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กิจกรรมวันมหาสมุทรโลก ประจำปี 2559

วันจันทร์ที่ 23 พฤษภาคม 2016 เวลา 18:24 น.

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The celebration of the World Ocean Day 2016 in Thailand will be  organized in Klongwan in Prajuabkirikhan Province, 300 km from Bangkok. Some background information are as follows:


1. On the occasion of World Ocean Day - 8th June - a world-wide "Celebration of the Sea" is organized  aimed at increasing public awareness of our oceans and  showing how everyone can act for the better management of the Ocean and its resources. As from 2009, the United Nations has designated 8 June as World Oceans Day.


2. The UN theme for 2016 is "Healthy Oceans, Healthy Planet"  (http://www.un.org/Depts/los/wod/index.html).
International Ocean Institute (IOI) therefore calls on all Operational Centres and Focal Points around the globe to participate and contribute to World Ocean Day and invites them to start preparing activities to mark this important occasion. As in the past, Directors  of Operational Centre and Focal Points for IOI are encouraged to use this day to organise events on ocean-related themes.


3. In 2016, IOI Thailand will organize a 13.81 km "Bike for Coastal Conservation Campaign (BCCC)" at
Klong Wan Sub-district, Prajuabkirikhan Province on Sunday 5 June 2016. There will be around 150 Senior government officers, CEOs, business managers and families to attend and to celebrate the WOD 2016. The campaign is supported by Prajuabkirikhan Coastal Fisheries Research and Development, Department of Fisheries, Department of Marine and
Coastal Resources; Tourism Authority of Thailand;
Fish Marketing Organization; Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Centre; Thai Airways International;
Association of Fisheries Alumni; Thai Agriculural Business Association; Surrathani Shrimp Farmers Club; The Federation of Thai Shrimp Farmers Association;  fish farm owners (Mahasap farm and Teerayuth & Arunsri Tanomkiet) and
bicycle clubs (BCC 124, SlimFish, TAT, Prajuab). The activity will help build up public awareness on Thai Seas conservation.


4. Programme Schedule during 4-5 June 2016


Saturday 4 June 2016


15.00-17.00 hrs Registration at Prajuabkirikhan Coastal Fisheries Research & Development Center (PCFRDC) to
receive a riding number for each of participant


Sunday 5 June 2016


07.00 am              Breakfast at PCFRDC

07.30-07.40 am   Welcome address by Mr. Tanate Pumthong, Director of PCFRDC

07.40-07.50 am   Opening of the World Ocean Day by Mr. Kunjapong Anuratpanich, Director of IOI-Thailand

07.50-08.00 am   General Information on bike safety and route by BCC 124 team

08.00-08.02 am   Thailand's national anthem

08.05-08.15 am    Group photos

08.15 am                Start

08.15-11.00 am      Bike for Coastal Conservation Campaign (BCCC) along coastal areas of Aoa Manao and Aoa Prajuab Bays 13.81 km

11.30 am                 Finish

Back to PCFRDC for closing, coffee break and awarding of lucky draw for TG tickets to Phuket for two

11.45 am                 Closing & return safely to Bangkok